Ozsports Set In Motion Project

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Ozsports Set In Motion Project 

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Ozsports has set up Ozsports Fundraising Project with the great team at Set in Motion

In the coming weeks this page will be the first stop on our journey to look at raising funds to assist with Ozsports in purchasing new equipment and to purchase air time for our sports shows on channel 44 and to look at the idea of building a new website also to purchase a new Sony Handy cam Digital HD camera.

To find more information on Ozsports Funding Project through Set In Motion and how you can be part of this journey or to see how Set In Motion may be able to help you raise some funds click on the link below.

Also on this page the team at Ozsports will keep our visitors and fans up to date with how our funding journey is going through our regular updates.


Darren Andrews

Ozsports Onine Network – Editor / Producer.

To go to the Ozsports homepage click on the link below.










Update No. 1  – 19th of May 2014


Welcome to the first update of the Ozsports Set in Motion Project. Well the hard work is done we launched our project on Sunday night 18th of May 2014. Now we just have to market the project. We have 90 days to reach our goal of $15,000 so we can purchase a new Sony HD Handycam and also so we can buy airtime for our sports shows. Ozsports also needs to re-invent our website.

So we have a long road to go and would love you to join on this journey.

To join us on this adventure and be part of Ozsports and help us to bring grassroots to a wider audience jump on to the set in Motion website and click on the Ozsports link @

Ozsports Set In Motion Project